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Steve Mullen: For MUW, a Sallie Reneau-sized task

Posted 7/15/2009 in Local Columns

Where's Sallie Reneau when you need her? Reneau was possibly the most persuasive woman Mississippian of her day. In 1856, at age 18, she convinced Mississippi's governor and legislature to charter a state university for women -- never mind that such a thing had never been done before, in any state. Now, Reneau's own name is on a very short list of proposed new names for the Mississippi University for Women.


Carol Littlejohn: Lucky

Posted 7/13/2009 in Local Columns

Does it seem to you, as it does to me, that more and more friends are leaving this earth? Two people that were long time friends of mine died this past two weeks and I find myself, yet again, thinking, “I cannot believe they are gone.” Gen Colvin Bennett and Carl Jaynes were not the closest friends I have, but they shared some of my days, some long ago and some recent. It seems that “puff” and they were gone.


Birney Imes: A Friday evening in July

Posted 7/11/2009 in Local Columns

Pick an evening, say a Friday in July. Call a friend at 6 and ask him if he wants to meet you and your wife for Mexican food. He's single, an empty nester of sorts and is delighted. On the way in the restaurant, you run into a couple who is there for the 89th birthday of an uncle. (Happy birthday, Jim Ford).

Steve Mullen: The Incredible Shrinking Columbus

Posted 7/8/2009 in Local Columns

The Golden Triangle has a new big brother. Starkville is now more populous than Columbus, according to Census figures released last week.

Birney Imes: The quest for unity

Posted 7/5/2009 in Local Columns

Someone said the huge flag came from the Marble Works. It made a fine backdrop for the swearing in of seven men we’ve chosen to guide our city these next four years.

Steve Mullen: The reason for the season

Posted 7/1/2009 in Local Columns

Another Fourth of July is almost upon us. A majority of us know how we’ll mark the occasion — probably with fireworks, beer and barbecue. Unfortunately, fewer than half of us have a good idea of why we’re celebrating.


Robbie Coblentz: Requiem for a Camp

Posted 7/1/2009 in Local Columns

Dan Camp has served this city as a community developer, a member of the Starkville School District Board of Education and, most recently, mayor.


Birney Imes: Higher ground

Posted 6/27/2009 in Local Columns

Back in high school I had a couple of friends who found the sound of an ambulance siren irresistible. They loved the thrill of the chase and the sight of carnage. Morbid, I know. Not surprisingly, they both ended up working for funeral homes.

Steve Mullen: Ugly babies have it tough

Posted 6/25/2009 in Local Columns

I came across news of a new medical study that compared mothers’ reactions to pictures of attractive babies vs. ugly ones. It turns out that unconditional love isn’t all it’s cracked up to be: Moms are quick to drop ugly babies in favor of pretty ones. Unconditional love, it seems, comes with conditions, especially if you have a face only Mom can love — or at least one you thought she did.


David Owen: Stupid is as stupid does

Posted 6/24/2009 in Local Columns

I read in the Friday, June 19 paper that Coach Stacy Hester is going to appeal the County School Board’s decision to not renew his baseball contract (The headline incorrectly stated: “Hester to appeal firing”—he was not fired). I do not know Coach Hester, but judging from his win-loss record, we are indeed losing a talent. I hope he will chase his dream in the college or professional ranks to do there what he has done for New Hope.



Steve Rogers: Vicksburg Four: Returning to work with lessons learned

Posted 6/21/2009 in Local Columns

The late Robert Rice, a California artist who died last year, once said, “A lack of solemnity is not necessarily a lack of seriousness.” Wade Beard may not fully understand what Rice meant, but he said basically the same thing Wednesday during his testimony before the Columbus Civil Service Commission.


Steve Mullen: Mississippi’s energy future

Posted 6/21/2009 in Local Columns

When one thinks of energy-producing states, Texas, Alaska and California come to mind, for their oil and gas.


Roger Short: The time has come to act

Posted 6/17/2009 in Local Columns

As I sat in church this past Sunday morning, I found it difficult to concentrate on worship—sorry Brother Mickey— because of so many thoughts I was having about the proposed soccer/footballplex. I found myself thinking of reasons to defend the many hours that have gone into the process that has led us to where we are now.


Birney Imes: Our own Central Park

Posted 6/13/2009 in Local Columns

Yes, I suppose we’ve all heard more than enough about Burns Bottom and the six soccer fields that seem destined to go there. Many have expressed outrage at the idea, and all I can say is let your supervisor and councilman know. Write us a letter or comment on a story or column on the subject — many of you have done that already.


Steve Rogers: Burns Bottom ideal location for soccer complex

Posted 6/13/2009 in Local Columns

Birney, in response to your column in Friday's Dispatch, I did what you suggested. I drove through Burns Bottom Friday night. It was about 10:30 p.m., long after the early evening storms blew through. I got out and walked in the bucolic, rain-cooled night air.


Birney Imes: Harry, this is a terrible idea

Posted 6/12/2009 in Local Columns

Soccer moms and dads, before it’s too late — and it might already be too late — drive down to Burns Bottom. That’s the area just down the hill from Riverhill Chevron, the gas station/convenience store operated by Sanders Oil. At the station, turn off Main Street and go down the hill in the direction of the Hitching Lot, site of the Farmers’ Market.

Birney Imes: Burns Bottom, come hell or high water

Posted 6/11/2009 in Local Columns

Ever know anyone who when they make up their mind, it’s all over? End of discussion. Don’t confuse the issue with facts or logical arguments. I’ve made up my mind and that’s that.

Steve Mullen: Taking the long way home

Posted 6/10/2009 in Local Columns

It’s tough to decide who is happier — me or the grandparents. It’s me, of course. Try being apart from your family for five months, a decision we made when I was hired by The Dispatch. I moved over, while Lee and the girls stayed behind to finish school in California.

Birney Imes: Opening day

Posted 6/9/2009 in Local Columns

It’s not every day one has the opportunity to take part in the launch of a new newspaper. Such was the case Monday when, after a three-month gestation, the first issue of The Starkville Dispatch became a reality shortly after 10 a.m.

Birney Imes: Harry and Susan and the playing fields

Posted 6/7/2009 in Local Columns

With less than a month to go in office, Susan Mackay desperately wants to see the realization of one of her political goals, the siting of a recreation complex on the 156 acres of Army Corps of Engineers land adjacent to the Riverwalk and just south of Highway 82.


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