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In the November 24 edition of The Dispatch it was stated "Columbus ends FY2020 with a $2.8M surplus." In normal times that would be good news, but the amount of debt was not mentioned: $35-40 million and counting. The city has refinanced the loans for street paving years ago from someone that doesn't care about Moody's credit rating. The only time you can get a loan with a bad credit rating as an individual, you pay a high interest rate. Maybe it is different for a municipality. Please enlighten me! Using a metaphor, "payday someday" sound familiar? Saving money has come at a cost from Columbus' finest: our policemen and firemen and women. Both departments are understaffed, underpaid and overworked. But we are saving millions? At what cost? We have an amphitheater not finished with a $400,000 entrance, a new fire station that has been under construction for five years at a cost of $1 million-plus (originally budgeted at $650,000 or so), streets that are terrible, overgrown ditches and stopped-up drainage, but a lot of pretty flower in the downtown area.


On Nov. 25 Andrew Colom wrote a column slamming the "Friendly City" and Mississippi. I know many including myself that didn't have to go other places to have a satisfying life by staying in "Possum Town." I have not made a fortune, but through hard work have made a good life for my family. I live in a home that was built in the late 40's in a subdivision that is subject to flooding, but it's home and it's paid for. I think your father and brother have done well. Mr. Edwards of J5 has done well from all reports. So what is your point? Is it a "racial" thing?



A final thought: Mr. Biden might be our new President, the jury is still out with the voting irregularities. If he is, for the life of America I hope he's up to the job, but with his cabinet appointees he has released, I have my doubts. Free health for illegals, Green New Deal, firearm confiscation, open borders and weakening our military. To the supporters, you do have Harris as a backup. I pray that if Mr. Biden is inaugurated, he will support Israel. If he doesn't, America's days will be numbered. Look at Genesis 12:3.


God Bless America!


Lee Roy Lollar




Editor's note: This letter makes reference to presidential voting irregularities. There has been no evidence presented that supports widespread voting irregularities, though some legal challenges to the vote counts are still pending.




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