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Alarmed with direction of country under Trump


Governor Reeves states revisionism has aimed to tear down American institutions, and is poisoning a generation. Reeves has been a staunch supporter of Trump.


Monday, more than 100 former Republican national security officials demanded party leaders denounce Trump's refusal to concede the presidential election, calling it a dangerous and anti-democratic assault on U.S. institutions.



I don't know what the Republican party stands for, certainly under Trump, not truth and honesty. Maybe some of you never-Bideners can tell me.


They used to be the party of family values and fiscal responsibility. But not anymore.


For the second time in a row, a Democrat president is going to be confronted with a deep recession, or maybe a depression, after replacing a Republican president.


Reeves states young children have suffered from indoctrination in far left socialist teachings. Name them!


Michael Cohen's, Trump's personal attorney for over 10 years, says Trump makes fun of Christians.


Cohen says when the religious leaders were praying for Trump and laying hands on him, he asked Cohen, can you believe there are people that believe that bulls--t?


It's my opinion, if we are a Christian nation, Trump would never have been nominated for president, much less elected.


Steve Bannon, once Trump's the chief strategist, just recently tweeted on Facebook, saying Dr. Fauci and Wray, the director of the FBI, should be beheaded.


Giuliani, Trump's personal lawyer, made motion with hand across the throat, to cut heads off of top Democrats.


Trump's rhetoric is similar to Jim Jones, who poisoned over 900 of his cult followers, says massacre survivor, with his constant bullying and intimidation.


Trump has never been in a situation where he couldn't lie, steal, cheat or buy himself out of, until now, according to his niece.


Now, under Trump, we have all these hate groups that are thriving.


They even had plans to kidnap the governor of Michigan, try her for treason, with 200 more militia men standing by to take over the state capitol and burn it down.


Before this could happen, it was stopped by the FBI, headed by Wray, the man Bannon wanted to behead, and 14 of them were arrested.


Marjorie Greene, a member of QAnon, a hate group that Trump loves, was just elected to be a Senator from Georgia, who is known for promoting conspiracy and bigoted views.


Larry Hogan, Republican governor of Maryland, says with Trump and the Republicans trying to steal the election, we're like a Banana Republic.


Socialism? Well, compared to the above, it may be worth a try.


James Hodges






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