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Raymond Gross: In recent letter, Gross states that the Democrat Party has been transformed in many parts of our country into something so bad and un-American, it's making their KKK days look like mere child's play.


Rick Perry says Trump is like a cancer on the conservative party, and now it's America.



Ted Cruz would not endorse Trump after he was the Republican's nominee for president.


Lindsey Graham says to MAGA: Tell Trump to go to h--l.


Mitt Romney says Trump's promises are as worthless as a diploma from Trump University. All 16 Republican candidates' feelings toward Trump were similar.


After Trump was elected president, almost all have integrated with Trump.


Before Trump, you would have shouted to high Heaven that Mark Galli's ravings about Trump's blackened moral were correct.


After Trump, Trump and some Republicans said Galli is a far-left writer.


Trump says he tries to tell the truth, or I tell the truth when I can.


Trump has transformed the Republican party into the Trump Party, and even some people are calling it a "cult."


If the Trump party does away with Roe v Wade, which has been the law of the land for almost a half a century, it will be years before we have a Republican president, since that is the biggest part of their platform.


Bonnie Oppenheimer: When we lock ourselves in a box that allows only our view point, we don't learn and grow.


I know this for a fact to be true. You are dumb as to what is really happening.


Bill Gilmore: Trump's bullying behavior toward women has caused him no harm.


The 2016 campaign had the largest gender gap in the 36-year exit polling of the issue with men voting 11 percent more for Trump.


In comparison to the 2016 election, Trump is expected to lose female voters by a bigger margin in 2020, according to a Fox poll.


James Hodges






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