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Defends Amphitheater statements


I had not even visited the Amphitheater until I saw the docket for a payment of $124,606.75 to Webster Electric for repairs. To say that entry was an error is a stretch. I have found that before a docket item is presented for payment, especially one for that amount, it goes through several levels of approvals. If our city fathers were paying attention, think about it, how did it happen? How many checks have been written in error? To say it was an estimate, that was on the docket, for payment shows a degree of incompetence. That is scary. If it was an error the city should thank me rather than discrediting me. No wonder we were $880,000 in the RED.


I'm not asking for a fight but I'm not going to lay down and let the city try to discredit me either. When I visited it the Amphitheater I was shocked at the condition of the $3 million dollar investment that OUR tax dollars paid for. News alert! The government does not produce income, it takes money through taxes. That's money from me, Mayor Smith, Joe Dillon, Kevin Stafford and the rest of the citizens. To say it didn't cost us any money is very misleading. As far comparing the area to a 3rd world area in appearance, apparently Joe, you can't relate, I've seen first hand in my military travels some very bad places. I didn't know the city was so sensitive and politically correct.



I was not going to reply to your remarks with a response, but I couldn't help it. I hope we can agree to disagree. I'm not the only one paying attention, just putting the city on notice.


God Bless America and pray for Columbus.


Lee Roy Lollar





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