Voice of the people: Jerry Fortenberry




In response to Triplett 


In response to Mr. Triplett's plea for everyone to cast aside any thoughts they have about voting for one of the Democrats who have announced they would be a candidate for President, I say you are getting way ahead of yourself. The nominee is a long way from being chosen. I suppose Mr. Triplett is panicking that a potential candidate might somehow make it all the way to the general election who has some imaginative ideas! Is he afraid that people may get tired of not seeing any progress in infrastructure in this country? No improvement in standards of living for the middle class and below? Yes we ARE tired of seeing little or no progress for all but the 1 percent. The tax cut was a joke and did nothing for the middle class. We just keep funneling more money to the ultra rich while our bridges and roads crumble. I for one am sick and tired of lip service to capital improvements. I travel abroad and see what happens in other countries. It's amazing what can be done when the rich pay their fair share and bloated military spending is kept in check! 


Jerry Fortenberry 





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