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Political lessons 


It seems like nobody has learned anything from the last presidential election. Democrat President-wanna-bes are out campaigning, promising the moon and stars to small-town voters. President Trump promised a border wall between the U.S. and Mexico, with Mexico paying for it. That helped get him elected, even though no American President has any authority or power to force another country to pay for anything. If the truth be told, Mexico doesn't want any kind of barrier to prevent Mexicans from coming here, earning money or committing crimes here instead of in Mexico. It helps Mexico's economy. 


The House of Representatives controls the purse strings, not the President. Pandering to any one special interest group may be "smart" politicking, but it's sorry governing. Corey Booker wants to give money to small towns to improve infrastructure. That's nice, but it isn't the president's job. Socialist Bernie Sanders wants to guarantee good-paying jobs in small towns. Ditto last sentence. Kamala Harris wants to spend "more" on internet services. Again, ditto. In a capitalistic nation, such as we currently have, private businesses should take care of a lot of these problems the Democrat contenders say they'll solve when they get elected. Heifer dust and barnyard mud! 


I sincerely hope that the voters will see through the naked promises that any presidential candidate makes, whether they be Democrat or Republican. I've read that one of the freshmen Democrat Representatives wants to lower the voting age to 16! If that's good enough to get a driver's license, then that should be good enough to vote. Not! Science says that the human brain doesn't begin to mature until age 25, on average. We should raise the voting age to 25 so that voters will be more mature. That still doesn't guarantee that voters will be informed, but it's better. 


Vote as if your life, and the lives of future generations, depends on it. Be mature enough to see through the hogwash and help elect responsible people to represent us from small towns to the Oval Office. 


Cameron Triplett 





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