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Frustrated with democrats 


Will someone explain to the democrats in both houses of our U.S. Congress how enormous an amount of money a trillion dollars is? Please. Start by pointing out that if they began today merely counting to one trillion that it would take 33,000 years to finally finish the count! It's got to be some kind of sick joke the democrats are trying to pull on us about getting rid of all modes of transportation to include aircraft, automobiles and anything else powered by oil and gas. Plus they want to deport all our cows because they are passing gas too much. Surely they can't be serious. Horses do the same thing so guess they will get rid of them too. Even Pelosi and the possible Democrat Candidates wanting to run for President have joined the gig that Representative Cortez dreamed up. So what if it will cost multiple trillions of dollars and completely destroy our country? Naturally it would mean hundreds of millions of people would lose their jobs. 


Well, it's got to be for real seeing that they are all excited and enthusiastic about the insane plan. Even got old Al Gore back in the news, not surprised that he just loves the whole scheme because it's all being planned for the sake of preventing the so called "global warming" scam he invented, right after he invented the internet. 


Looks to me like if they had one lick of common sense they could see that they would be destroying themselves were they to succeed in the abolishment of all the billionaires and wiping out our prosperous country as we know it today which was brought about, by the way, under the leadership of President Donald John Trump. Isn't it possible that they would rather destroy our country along with themselves than see him be remembered as our greatest President since George Washington?  


Raymond Gross 






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