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I am an American, bred and born. I tend to vote Conservative on most issues, Liberal on a very few, and Libertarian on some. Most of all I care about this country first and foremost. I think our state Legislature should raise the tax on fossil fuels. It's a no-brainer. People who drive should help pay for road maintenance, simple enough. My suggestion has always been to make the increase even the price of gas out to an even penny. Nobody is going to miss one-hundredth of a penny! 


I might be rubbing a lot of Conservative friends the wrong way, but right now I support Jim Hood for Governor. Why? Because I think he's the better choice so far. I vote for the person, not the party.  


In Larry Elder's column, he showed the hypocrisy of Liberals in the media and government. I really wish all politicians and our "news" reporters would just be honest and speak the truth, no matter who gets hurt. Clean up your own back yard and let the chips fall where they may. Slim said our Governor's race will be a real mud-slinger. I hope not. I want reasons to vote FOR a candidate rather than a reason to vote against one. We get better public servants that way. 


As usual Leonard Pitts showed his extreme bias against Conservatives in his column. Dammit man! Liberal/Democrats are just as guilty as Conservative/Republicans, if not more so in their words and deeds concerning government and personal actions. You're just not man enough to admit it. While I'm thinking about it, this was founded as a Christian nation, not Islamic. If Muslims want to serve in government, they will be well-reminded that their laws according to the Koran do not apply here. Neither do Christian laws, according to the Supreme Court, and we certainly don't need any more potty-mouthed punk heifers or old men serving us in government. If there is justice, some freshmen/women in Congress will be "one-hit-wonders" who will be sent home with their ignorant Socialist tails tucked between their legs. 


I agree with Ms. Froma Harrop about the wall. There are more and better ways to solve the illegal immigration problem, but most suggestions I have would make Liberals apoplectic. Never mind they'd be highly effective. They'd also be very "unkind" to those who wish to come here but not become Americans. 


Lastly, for the afore-mentioned Leonard. If you don't give a dam, it's not a "damn"! The expression refers to a Tinker's dam, a tiny piece of metal whose only use is to temporarily mend a hole in a pot or pan. Your columns are obscene in your slavish dedication to Black and Liberal causes, regardless of the overall impact those causes will have on America and her future, or whether you're right or wrong. This country can and will improve without reverse racism, which in fact will only serve to make matters worse. 


Cameron Triplett 





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