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McDaniel supporter now looks to Hyde-Smith 


I'm proud to say that I supported Chris McDaniel to represent Mississippi for the two remaining years of the Thad Cochran six-year term in our U.S. Senate. Chris was no doubt the only conservative in the bunch of four candidates, and I -- like the others who supported him -- do wish he had made it to the run off election. Now there are two remaining, Smith and Espy, who will be in the Nov. 27 runoff.  


Let me make it clear, I'm one of Chris McDaniel's supporters who will not vote for Espy, period. As Chris said, It's only a two-year term and if we'll not satisfied with her we can replace her, just like the way Chris said for us to do with him had he been elected. We did our best by supporting the better of the four. What we have to do now is support President Trump by supporting the better of the remaining two: Senator Smith. We must, even if we have to do for Cindy as some of us had to do when we voted for John McCain. Or as his mother suggested, holding our noses and voting for her son. 


I know this might not seem to Cindy that I'm thinking for myself and that's okay -- I will still support our President by voting for her. Even if she doesn't court me nor apologize for all the baloney she has said about Chris and his supporters. I probably wouldn't have to hold my nose to vote for her if she did do an ad in an effort to bury the hatchet and unify all of us for this runoff. That would be a great gesture, Cindy, think about it. 


Raymond Gross 





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