Voice of the people: Cameron Triplett




San Francisco is a good example of what harm too much compassion can bring. It is a "sanctuary city" overrun with homeless people. Some are living in tents in parks, some on park benches, where ever they lay their heads. Hundreds of pounds of human waste, feces, litter the streets. Conventions are canceling dates there. The stench and health hazards are overpowering. 


Being compassionate is good, but it must be reciprocated. People must appreciate compassion or they become a parasite, draining the host and eventually killing it. Some of these homeless are drug abusers, some are illegal immigrants, some are mentally ill, some are just down on their luck. 'Frisco, you have a problem of your own making and you can keep it, thank you very much. Here in the South we have compassion, too, but we know the limits. Wise up. 


Cameron Triplett 






Editor's note: Triplett's original letter also commented on the Clay County woman who was found after being missing for two days and on education. Those portions of his letter will run at a later date.



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