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Prospect of Trump-Xi talks raises hope for thaw in trade war

Posted 10/13/2018 in National

With China and the United States opening the door to a meeting next month between Presidents Xi Jinping and Donald Trump, hopes are rising for a potential easing of tensions in the trade war between the world's two largest economies.



Trump vows to unearth truth about Khashoggi disappearance

Posted 10/13/2018 in National

President Donald Trump declared Friday the U.S. will uncover the truth about what happened to journalist and U.S. resident Jamal Khashoggi, whose possible murder at Saudi hands after disappearing in Istanbul has captured worldwide attention.



Florida: Authorities say 11 now dead from Hurricane Michael

Posted 10/12/2018 in National

Linda Marquardt rode out Hurricane Michael with her husband at their home in Mexico Beach. When their house filled with surging ocean water, they fled upstairs. Now their home is full of mud and everywhere they look there's utter devastation in their Florida Panhandle community: fishing boats tossed like toys, roofs lifted off of buildings and pine trees snapped like matchsticks in 155 mph winds.



Michael charges into Southeast after slamming north Florida

Posted 10/11/2018 in National

The most powerful hurricane on record to hit Florida's Panhandle left wide destruction and at least two people dead and wasn't nearly finished Thursday as it crossed Georgia, now as a tropical storm, toward the Carolinas, that are still reeling from epic flooding by Hurricane Florence.



Fast, furious: How Hurricane Michael grew into a 155 mph monster

Posted 10/11/2018 in National

Moist air, warm waters in the Gulf of Mexico, and ideal wind patterns supercharged Hurricane Michael in the hours before it smacked Florida's Panhandle.



FBI: Man planned to bomb National Mall on Election Day

Posted 10/11/2018 in National

Federal authorities have charged a New York man with building a 200-pound bomb they say he planned to detonate on Election Day on the National Mall in Washington.



McConnell to AP: Gender gap hurts GOP but Kavanaugh helps

Posted 10/11/2018 in National

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell acknowledged Wednesday that Republicans have a longstanding gender gap when it comes to American women, but he stood by one key Senate woman, saying "nobody's going to beat" Lisa Murkowski of Alaska despite her opposition to Brett Kavanaugh.



New York limousine service operator charged in crash that killed 20

Posted 10/11/2018 in National

A limousine service operator was charged Wednesday with criminally negligent homicide in a crash that killed 20 people, while police continued investigating what caused the wreck and whether anyone else will face charges.



Rising interest rates weigh on high-flying tech stocks

Posted 10/11/2018 in National

Technology and internet stocks have led the way for much of Wall Street's bull market run, propelling the stocks of big names like Apple, Amazon and Google's parent company sharply higher along the way.



Poll finds partisan divide in concerns for election security

Posted 10/11/2018 in National

With the midterm elections less than a month away, a strong majority of Americans are concerned the nation's voting systems might be vulnerable to hackers, according to a poll released Wednesday.



Ronald Reagan is back on the campaign trail -- as a hologram

Posted 10/11/2018 in National

A characteristic twinkle in his eye, Ronald Reagan waves to a crowd from aboard a rail car in a hologram revealed Wednesday at the late president's namesake library in Southern California.



Florida Panhandle braces for Michael, now a Category 4 storm

Posted 10/10/2018 in National

Michael roared down on the Florida Panhandle strengthening into a Category 4 hurricane early Wednesday before it crashes against the region's white-sand beaches, fishing villages and coastal communities later in the day.



Long after they died, military sees surge in identifications

Posted 10/10/2018 in National

Nearly 77 years after repeated torpedo strikes tore into the USS Oklahoma, killing hundreds of sailors and Marines, Carrie Brown leaned over the remains of a serviceman laid out on a table in her lab and was surprised the bones still smelled of burning oil from that horrific day at Pearl Harbor.



Lock her up? Now it's Dianne Feinstein instead of Clinton

Posted 10/10/2018 in National

Chants of "Lock her up!" rang once again throughout an Iowa arena as President Donald Trump rallied supporters Tuesday night.



Hurricane Michael gains strength on course for north Florida

Posted 10/9/2018 in National

Michael gained new strength over warm tropical waters amid fears it would swiftly intensify into a major hurricane before striking Florida's northeast Gulf Coast, where frantic coastal dwellers are boarding up homes and seeking evacuation routes away from the dangerous storm heading their way.



Kavanaugh to hear first arguments as Supreme Court justice

Posted 10/9/2018 in National

A Supreme Court with a new conservative majority takes the bench as Brett Kavanaugh, narrowly confirmed after a bitter Senate battle, joins his new colleagues to hear his first arguments as a justice.



Trump apologizes to Kavanaugh during swearing-in ceremony

Posted 10/9/2018 in National

Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh was sworn in --again, for the cameras, this time -- Monday night at a White House ceremony, but not before President Donald Trump slammed Kavanaugh's opponents for a "campaign of personal destruction."



Cuomo says limo shouldn't have been on road; victims mourned

Posted 10/9/2018 in National

The supersized limousine that crashed and killed 20 people outside a country store failed a safety inspection last month and shouldn't have been on the road, and the driver wasn't properly licensed, New York's governor said Monday.



2 Americans win economics Nobel for work on climate and growth

Posted 10/9/2018 in National

Just a day after a United Nations panel called for urgent action on climate change, the Nobel Prize in economics was awarded Monday to one American researcher for his work on the economics of a warming planet and to another whose study of innovation raises hopes that people can do something about it.



As joblessness falls, skilled workers might be hard to find

Posted 10/9/2018 in National

Are America's employers at risk of running out of skilled people to hire?



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