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House panel set to debate idea of reparations for slavery

Posted about 1 hour ago in National

After more than a decade's absence, the case for reparations is returning to Capitol Hill, this time amid a growing discussion in the Democratic Party about what the country might owe to the descendants of slaves in the United States.



Trump, in 2020 campaign mode, calls Democrats 'radical'

Posted about 1 hour ago in National

President Donald Trump jabbed at the press and poked the eye of the political establishment he ran against in 2016 as he kicked off his reelection campaign with a grievance-filled rally that focused more on settling scores than laying out his agenda for a possible second term.



Trump protesters rally at gay bar blocks from arena speech

Posted about 1 hour ago in National

Opponents of President Donald Trump's reelection announcement Tuesday in Florida rebuked his administration's policies at a rally outside a gay bar with performances by a mariachi band and a drag queen, speeches by a transgender woman and women who had abortions and the appearance of a 20-foot-high blimp of a scowling Trump in a diaper.



Charitable giving by individual Americans drops in 2018

Posted about 1 hour ago in National

Charitable giving by individual Americans in 2018 suffered its biggest drop since the Great Recession of 2008-09, in part because of Republican-backed changes in tax policy, according to the latest comprehensive report on Americans' giving patterns.



Shanahan drops bid to lead Pentagon, citing 'painful' past

Posted about 1 hour ago in National

Acting Defense Secretary Patrick Shanahan stepped down Tuesday before his formal nomination ever went to the Senate, citing a "painful" family situation that would hurt his children and reopen "wounds we have worked years to heal."



New England newspaper owner fights to save local journalism

Posted about 1 hour ago in National

The Berkshire Eagle has an expanded investigative team. There's a new 12-page lifestyle section for the Eagle's Sunday editions. There's a new monthly magazine focusing on the area's culinary and natural charms. There is an advisory board that includes cellist Yo-Yo Ma and Pulitzer-winning writer Elizabeth Kolbert.



US preschoolers less pudgy in latest sign of falling obesity

Posted about 1 hour ago in National

Preschoolers on government food aid have grown a little less pudgy, a U.S. study found, offering fresh evidence that previous signs of declining obesity rates weren't a fluke.



Facebook plans its own currency for 2 billion-plus users

Posted about 1 hour ago in National

Facebook already rules daily communication for more than 2 billion people around the world. Now it wants its own currency, too.



Trump EPA close to gutting Obama rule on coal power plants

Posted about 1 hour ago in National

The Trump administration is close to completing one of its biggest rollbacks of environmental rules, replacing a landmark Obama-era effort that sought to wean the nation's electrical grid off coal-fired power plants and their climate-damaging pollution.



Health tips from Dr. Oz and Dr. Roizen for 6-18-19

Posted yesterday in National



Trump campaign fires pollsters after mixed messaging

Posted yesterday in National

When President Donald Trump's internal polling suggested he was trailing Democrats in crucial states earlier this year, it did what any campaign would do: tried to bury the bad numbers.



Nuclear changes, more troops heighten US-Iran tensions

Posted yesterday in National

The U.S. and Iran edged toward a flashpoint Monday as Tehran announced it was breaking compliance with the accord that keeps it from making nuclear weapons and the Trump administration followed by ordering 1,000 more troops to the Middle East.



Gloria Vanderbilt, heiress, jeans queen, dies at 95

Posted yesterday in National

Gloria Vanderbilt, the intrepid heiress, artist and romantic who began her extraordinary life as the "poor little rich girl" of the Great Depression, survived family tragedy and multiple marriages and reigned during the 1970s and '80s as a designer jeans pioneer, died Monday at the age of 95.



Alabama orders 'chemical castration' of some child molesters

Posted 6/17/2019 in National

Some Alabama sex offenders who abuse young children will have to undergo "chemical castration" while on parole, under a new law, but the requirement has prompted legal concerns and appears to be rarely used in some states that allow it.



2020 race brings free college back to the national stage

Posted 6/17/2019 in National

After receding from the national stage, the free college movement is resurfacing as a central rallying point for Democrats as they set their sights on the White House.



US companies' message to Trump: Don't expand China tariffs

Posted 6/17/2019 in National

What happens if President Donald Trump carries out his threat to impose tariffs on the remaining $300 billion in Chinese goods that he hasn't already hit with 25 percent import taxes?



Growers hope standards bring order to hemp industry 'mess'

Posted 6/17/2019 in National

A unit of wheat is called a bushel, and a standard weight of potatoes is called a century. But hemp as a fully legal U.S. agricultural commodity is so new that a unit of hemp seed doesn't yet have a universal name or an agreed-upon quantity.



Battleground Florida: Both parties prepare for 2020 fight

Posted 6/17/2019 in National

President Donald Trump's early strength in Florida on the night of the 2016 election was the first sign that he was about to score an upset victory. In an otherwise bleak 2018 for the GOP, the state was again a bright spot for Republicans who won the governor's mansion and flipped a Senate seat.



LAPD investigates officer's actions in Costco shooting

Posted 6/17/2019 in National

The Los Angeles Police Department is gathering evidence and video footage in an administrative investigation into an off-duty officer who shot and killed a man authorities say attacked him inside a Southern California Costco Wholesale warehouse store.



AP Explains: Juneteenth celebrates end of slavery in the US

Posted 6/15/2019 in National

A holiday that is spreading across the U.S. and beyond, Juneteenth is considered the oldest known celebration commemorating the ending of slavery in the United States.



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