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Mississippi governor candidate Reeves decries 'liberals'

Posted 4/9/2019 in State

Republican Lt. Gov. Tate Reeves set the tone in his race for Mississippi governor Monday evening, telling supporters at a campaign event: "The radical liberals have taken aim at Mississippi's culture and Mississippi's values."



Inspections show deterioration of US-funded housing for poor

Posted 4/9/2019 in State

In this city known for pre-Civil War mansions, a young mother shared a government-funded apartment with her three small children and a legion of cockroaches.



Some issues unsolved by lawmakers will be back

Posted 4/8/2019 in State

It's hard to hear the sound of the dog that didn't bark. In the same way, it's hard to detect the impact of issues that lawmakers didn't deal with. But as in any session, there were important issues on which the Mississippi Legislature didn't make laws, or even really consider.


GOP candidate says truck burglarized while at party event

Posted 4/8/2019 in State

A Republican candidate for Mississippi governor says someone broke into his truck and stole campaign files while he was at an event.


Mississippi teacher group eyeing protest asks about walkout

Posted 4/6/2019 in State

One of Mississippi's statewide teacher organizations asked supporters Thursday if they're interested in protests over teacher pay and Republican education policies, even asking about an indefinite "walkout."



Proposed Mississippi pump project has bipartisan support

Posted 4/6/2019 in State

A Democratic congressman who represents the Mississippi Delta reiterated his support Friday for a flood control and drainage project that the Trump administration says it might revive more than a decade after another Republican administration killed it.



Black plaintiffs accept 2 new Mississippi Senate districts

Posted 4/6/2019 in State

African American residents who sued Mississippi say they are accepting legislators' plan to redraw two state Senate districts in a way that could increase black representation at the state Capitol.



Group objects to Mississippi's 'In God We Trust' license plate

Posted 4/5/2019 in State

A national group that includes atheists and agnostics is objecting to Mississippi's new standard license plate design that has the phrase "In God We Trust."



Lawsuits: Funeral home gave families the wrong bodies

Posted 4/5/2019 in State

A Mississippi funeral home is accused of giving the wrong bodies to two families.



Meridian to stop arresting and jailing people for unpaid fines

Posted 4/4/2019 in State

Another Mississippi city has agreed to change the way it jails poor people after it was threatened with litigation.



20 years for ex-Mississippi officer in child's hot-car death

Posted 4/4/2019 in State

A former Mississippi Gulf Coast police officer is headed to prison for the death of her 3-year-old daughter, who was left in a patrol car while her mom had sex with a police supervisor.



Judge could hand $2B power rate fight to utility regulator

Posted 4/4/2019 in State

Days after deciding to go forward with a trial over whether a Mississippi utility overbilled its customers, the judge on Tuesday ordered fresh arguments on whether he has the authority to hear the case.



Analysis: Lawmakers' decisions affect people's wallets

Posted 4/1/2019 in State

Pocketbook issues were an important part of the 2019 Mississippi legislative session. Senators and representatives approved pay raises for teachers and state employees.



$2M for private school tuition survives last-ditch challenge

Posted 3/30/2019 in State

A provision to increase funding by $2 million for Mississippi students with special education needs to attend private schools survived despite a last-ditch attempt to block it by opponents who claimed the move was sneaky and underhanded.



Hosemann and Hughes say teacher pay raise is insufficient

Posted 3/30/2019 in State

Two candidates in the open race for Mississippi lieutenant governor say the $1,500 teacher pay raise approved by legislators is too small.


Mississippi lawmakers plan to borrow $360M for projects

Posted 3/29/2019 in State

Mississippi lawmakers on Thursday agreed to borrow more than $360 million to finance construction, industrial development and local projects that are much-coveted in an election year.


Lawmakers approve $1,500 pay raise for Mississippi teachers

Posted 3/29/2019 in State

Mississippi lawmakers on Thursday gave final approval to a $1,500 pay raise for the state's public school teachers beginning July 1, sending it to Gov. Phil Bryant for his approval or veto.



Mississippi man pleads guilty in 'Vote Trump' church arson

Posted 3/29/2019 in State

A member of a black church in Mississippi has pleaded guilty to burning the church, which was also spray painted with the slogan "Vote Trump," a week before the 2016 presidential election.



Abortion-rights group sues Mississippi over 'heartbeat' law

Posted 3/29/2019 in State

An abortion-rights group is asking a federal judge to block a Mississippi law that will ban most abortions once a fetal heartbeat can be detected, about six weeks into pregnancy.



Top Mississippi lawmakers agree on $1,500 teacher raise

Posted 3/28/2019 in State

Leaders in the Mississippi Legislature answered the biggest question of their election-year session Wednesday night, agreeing to give public school teachers a $1,500-a-year raise beginning July 1.



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