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FTC approves record $5B fine for Facebook

Posted 7/13/2019 in National

At $5 billion, the fine the U.S. Federal Trade Commission is about to levy on Facebook is by far the largest it's given to a technology company, easily eclipsing the second largest, $22 million for Google in 2012.



Dem infighting on race spills into 2020 presidential contest

Posted 7/13/2019 in National

The highly public rift between House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and a clutch of freshmen congresswomen led by Rep. Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez has spilled into the 2020 Democratic presidential contest.



AP Exclusive: New election systems use vulnerable software

Posted 7/13/2019 in National

Pennsylvania's message was clear: The state was taking a big step to keep its elections from being hacked in 2020. Last April, its top election official told counties they had to update their systems. So far, nearly 60 percent have taken action, with $14.15 million of mostly federal funds helping counties buy brand-new electoral systems.



House Democrats lead push to restrict Trump on Iran strikes

Posted 7/13/2019 in National

The Democratic-controlled House voted Friday to put a liberalized stamp on Pentagon policy, including a bipartisan proposal to limit President Donald Trump's authority to make war against Iran.



Special counsel Mueller's testimony delayed until July 24

Posted 7/13/2019 in National

Special counsel Robert Mueller's testimony to Congress has been delayed until July 24 under an agreement that gives lawmakers more time to question him.



Is print dead? Well, it is at Starbucks

Posted 7/13/2019 in National

Newspapers at Starbucks are yesterday's news.



Stocks climb to records on hopes for lower interest rates

Posted 7/13/2019 in National

The major U.S. stock indexes closed at record highs on Friday, with the S&P 500 ending above 3,000 for the first time.



China imports from US plunge 31 percent in June amid tariff war

Posted 7/13/2019 in National

China's trade with the United States plunged last month as a tariff war battered exporters on both sides of the Pacific Ocean.



Trump escapes blame for ethanol policy hurting corn farmers

Posted 7/13/2019 in National

Midwest farmers and their Republican elected officials rarely miss a chance to shower President Donald Trump with praise when he takes actions they believe help agriculture, but they're now parsing their words over the administration's policies dealing with ethanol.



UK counter-terror police probe leak of ambassador's cables

Posted 7/13/2019 in National

British police opened a criminal investigation on Friday into the leaking of confidential diplomatic memos that cost the U.K. ambassador in Washington his job.



Sudden turbulence that injured dozens is hard to predict

Posted 7/13/2019 in National

Passengers on a flight from Canada to Australia said they had no warning about turbulence that suddenly slammed people into the ceiling of the plane and injured more than three dozen -- a phenomenon that experts say can be nearly impossible for pilots to see coming.


Cooling off hot dogs: West Point animal shelter collecting Gatorade bottles to freeze water for canines during summer

Posted 7/12/2019 in Area

At the West Point-Clay County Animal Shelter on Thursday, a house-like building adjacent to a grassy field guarded by barbed wire, dogs languished in kennels, on the concrete floor of a structure once part of a livestock yard, surrounded by big fans and a misting system.

New CAC director places focus on outreach, 'dying' arts

Posted 7/12/2019 in Columbus & Lowndes County

Jan Miller went from painting to framed poster to quilt in the art gallery at Rosenzweig Arts Center Thursday afternoon, pointing out her favorite pieces and explaining how each of the artists hails from the Golden Triangle area.

Job training program coming to J.L. King Center

Posted 7/12/2019 in Starkville & Oktibbeha County

A couple of weeks into its new funding campaign, the J.L. King Center is $25,000 short of the $60,000 it needs to continue operations through the end of the 2020. Even so, momentum is building, said Alison Buehler, one of the architects of the center's new funding plan.


US growing largest crop of marijuana for research in 5 years

Posted 7/12/2019 in National

The U.S. government is growing the largest crop of research marijuana in five years, responding to interest in varieties with high levels of THC and CBD.



As Democrats debate busing, southern schools slowly desegregate

Posted 7/12/2019 in State

CLEVELAND -- This small Mississippi Delta town serves as a reminder that fierce debates over the integration of black and white students are not a thing of the past.



Mississippi suspends OB-GYN physician amid accusations

Posted 7/12/2019 in State

Mississippi has suspended the medical license of an OB-GYN physician amid several complaints about him, including that he had an affair with one of his married employees starting in 2015 and tried to insert abortion-inducing drugs into her while she was pregnant with his child. The baby was born in 2016.



Mississippi confirms 1st case of West Nile virus for 2019

Posted 7/12/2019 in State

The Mississippi State Department of Health is reporting the state's first human case of West Nile virus this year.



Judge dismisses DUI case against Tupelo city attorney

Posted 7/12/2019 in State

A judge has dismissed a drunken driving charge against a Mississippi city attorney, ruling the man was unconstitutionally stopped by highway patrol.



Barry's outer bands begin hitting southeastern Louisiana

Posted 7/12/2019 in National

Tropical Storm Barry's wind and rain were starting to hit parts of Louisiana early Friday as New Orleans and coastal communities braced for a drenching from what's expected to be the first hurricane of the season.



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