Building permits for 3-14-19


Dispatch Staff Report



City of Columbus 


March 4-March 7 


■ Dawn Mason; 1116 3rd Avenue North; repair roof; same 


■ Brandon Carlton; 524 8th Street North; remodeling; Kenny Frye 


■ Columbus-Lowndes Riverwalk; 50 West Main Street; Banner; CCVB 


■ Dorothy Conley; 1617 Shepherd Road; repair garage; Russell Sheffield 


■ Annie Vaughn; 816 21st Street North; reroof house and shed; Clifford Spriggs 


■ Ben Shelton; 1223 Shady Street; reroofing; Jacob Crawley 


■ Ben Shelton; 2914 14th Avenue North; reroofing; Jacob Crawley 


■ Dr. John Robinson Jr.; 1111 5th Avenue North; electrical (storm damage); Buddy Easley 


■ David & Mona Sanders; 1103 Main Street; electrical (storm damage); Buddy Easley 


■ Eloise Clark; 1409 26th Street North; electrical (storm damage); Buddy Easley 


■ Cable One; Intersection of Moss St & 14th Avenue North; electrical; Buddy Easley 


■ Merchant & Hutchins, LLC; 1600 27th Street North, Apt 8; electrical; Buddy Easley 


■ Walter Brooks; 323 12th Street North; electrical (storm damage); Buddy Easley 


■ Suzan W Bardwell; 102 11th Street South; electrical (storm damage; Buddy Easley 


■ James Brooks; 310 12th Street North; electrical (storm damage); Buddy Easley 


■ Marvin Seals; 215 15th Street North; electrical (storm damage); Buddy Easley 


■ Eulalie H Davis; 916 College Street; electrical; Buddy Easley 


■ Alvin Roach; 216 10th Avenue South; electrical (storm damage); Buddy Easley 


■ Freddie Jones; 723 16th Street North; electrical (storm damage); Buddy Easley 


■ Cornell Jones; 716 19th Street North; electrical (storm damage); Dan Weathers 


■ Elnora Harrington; 124 Beech Street; Electrical (storm damage); Rob Malone 


■ Linda Hudson; 1009 1/2 Shady Street; electrical (storm damage); Dan Weathers 


■ Fred Davis; 107 Sand Road; electrical (storm damage); Vertis Lee 


■ Donna Contreras; 3106 Military Road; electrical; Jimmy Chism 


■ Sylvester Clark; 817 21st Street North; electrical (storm damage); Jimmy Chism 


■ Jay Jordan; 416 7th Avenue South; electrical (storm damage); Danny Wofford 


■ William Harris; 320 8th Street North, Apt 13; electrical; George Beavers 


■ Earnestine Taylor; 1822 Short Main Street; electrical; Jimmy Chism 


■ Lurine Greenlee; 228 Meadow Drive; electrical; Vertis Lee 


■ Johnny Cockrell; 1210 Shady Street; electrical (storm damage); Robert Malone 


■ S H Livingston; 720 18th Street North; electrical (storm damage); Paul Livingston 


■ S H Livingston; 1402 5th Avenue North; Electrical (storm damage); Paul Livingston 


■ Martha Stevenson; 512 15th Street North; plumbing; Leon Tabor 


■ Vernon Rentals, LLC; 416 Idlewild Road; plumbing; Harold Pounders 


■ Columbus Colony, LTD; 301 Bishop Circle, Apt 5; plumbing; Leon Tabor 


■ Shanda Bradley; 210 6th Avenue North; plumbing; Kenny Pollard 


■ Laron Harris; 214 Summerhaven Drive; plumbing; Leon Tabor 




Lowndes County 


March 5, 2019 


■ Griffin, Hunter; 164 Jemison Road; set up mobile home; owner 


■ Griffin, Hunter; 164 Jemison Road; move mobile home; Pontotoc Mobile Home Transport 


■ T. Mobile; 1481 Lake Lowndes Road; addition to cell tower; SAC Wireless, LLC 


March 13, 2019 


■ Cross, Hans; 186 Acorn Drive; remodel s/f residence; Stan Rector Construction 


■ McGill, Mike; 240 Shrinewood Drive; remodel s/f residence; Morrow Construction 


■ Wyers, Michael; 101 Lakeover Drive West; addition to s/f residence; owner 


■ Clark, Tony; 3800 N. Wolfe Road; construct storage/shop; owner 


■ Spec; Old Wolfe Road; construct s/f residence; Frye Tile & Exterior 


■ Spec; Old Wolfe Road; construct s/f residence; Frye Tile & Exterior 


■ Brewer, Mitch; 714 Quail Ridge; Construct s/f residence; Michael Scott Swain 


■ Baker, Rodney & Ashley; Sam Hill Road; construct s/f residence; owner 


■ Spec; Wakefield Drive; construct s/f residence; Clardy Home Development




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