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Gameday: Florida at Mississippi State




FINAL: Florida 13, Mississippi State 6. 




- This offense. It has problems. I believe the biggest ones to be at the tackle positions, but -- and let the record show this opinion is not backed with a second watching of the game, so don't treat it as gospel -- I wonder if there is enough of the offense available to MSU to run this effectively. There have been several RPO instances where MSU's opponents dictates how it will play these situations, MSU runs it accordingly, it doesn't work well and the adjustment isn't enough. 


- Here's a big stat: Nick Fitzgerald had 20 carries, Kylin Hill had nine and Aeris Williams had three. I am a believer in the RPO and I understand the premise that it is built to do what the defense is most vulnerable to; however, when the offense is struggling, the thought process must go to players, not plays. Hill has to touch the ball more. Running backs have to touch the ball more. I don't have an unimpeachable answer on how to do it, but I believe it needs to happen. 


- Don't let it get lost in all of this that on non-trick plays, MSU's defense held Florida to 5.1 yards per play. It held Jordan Scarlett to 2.1 yards per carry. This was a good defensive performance that will get lost in it all -- because of course it will, and I don't blame anyone for happen -- and it's a shame. 


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