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57 days to football: MSU's 57 points against Louisiana Tech and other weird scoring




Every day from 99 days out (May 25) until kickoff, I'll put up a post telling you how many days until kickoff and breaking down something about the upcoming season related to that number.  


Today, since we are 57 days away from kickoff, we take a look at: Remember when MSU scored 57 on Louisiana Tech last year? In the wildest fashion possible? When's the last time MSU had a performance like that? 




First, let's fully outline the weirdness from the Louisiana Tech game last year. In that game, MSU managed to score all 57 points and never recreate the same scoring sequence. The closest it comes to recreating a sequence are the two Jeffery Simmons touchdowns, but one was credited a blocked punt return and the other a fumble return; Nick Fitzgerald ran for two touchdowns, but the extra points were made by different people, so there is variance there, too. Here's the scoring sequence: Tucker Day field goal, Simmons block punt return, Fitzgerald to Jordan Thomas, Fitzgerald to Donald Gray, Fitzgerald run/Day extra point, Fitzgerald to Gabe Myles, Fitzgerald run/Jace Christmann extra point, Simmons fumble return, Kylin Hill's first college touchdown run. 


That was the first time MSU returned a blocked punt for a touchdown since Robert Elliott did it against Auburn in 2009 and the first time MSU has blocked multiple punts in a game since it blocked three against LSU in 1999: Robert Bean, Eugene Clinton and Rob Knight. 


And now, the point of this post. Let's relive some other times MSU put big numbers on the board in weird ways. 


- Northwestern State, 2015: The Bulldogs scored 62 points, all of them offensive, and did not reproduce a single scoring sequence until the final touchdown. It went: Dak Prescott to Gabe Myles, Ashton Shumpert run, Aeris Williams run, Gabe Myles run, Prescott to Brandon Holloway, Nick Fitzgerald run, Elijah Staley to Joe Morrow, Fitzgerald to Donald Gray and, the repeat, Fitzgerald run. 


- Troy, 2013: Jamerson Love had a 70-yard pick-6 in the first two minutes of the game, Devon Bell and Evan Sobiesk both made field goals and Dak Prescott threw one TD, ran for two and caught one. Prescott threw to Jameon Lewis for 50 yards, ran for 22 and 11 and caught one from Lewis for 36 on a classic throw back pass. One more note on those two kickers: Bell ended this game with nine points and Sobiesk with four. 


- Jackson State, 2012: Two pick-6's, a 52-yarder from Darius Slay and 22 yards from Matthew Wells, made this one memorable. There was also the fact that Tyler Russell threw for two touchdowns and LaDarius Perkins ran for two more. 


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