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Presidential bites

Posted 1/20/2021 in Food

Inauguration Day 2021 will be like no other. COVID-19 and events before, on and after Jan. 6 have made sure of that.

A tasty, bacon-flavored appetizer

Posted 1/20/2021 in Food

Imagine a sparkling tray full of delicious hors d'oeuvres is placed within easy reaching distance.

A perfect steak sidekick

Posted 1/20/2021 in Food

Grilling up a homemade meal is a classic way to show appreciation to loved ones.


Five steps for better meal prep

Posted 1/20/2021 in Food

Eating healthier and saving time around the house are common goals for many families, and there's one solution that can help attain both: meal-prepping.


Put taste on the table

Posted 1/20/2021 in Food

When busy weeknights leave little opportunity for extravagant meals, bring the family together with a simpler recipe that provides just as much tasty flavor, such as these Turkey Potato Dinner Wraps.

Small changes can add up in new year

Posted 1/13/2021 in Food

It's all but inevitable that a new year brings at least some thought of trying to "do better" this time around.

Go big with a dip and bread bowl

Posted 1/13/2021 in Food

Perfect for afternoon snacking or as an appetizer, this Spinach-Ham Dip is warmed inside a bread bowl and can be served with bread cubes, crackers or tortilla chips.

Easy-to-make cookies to satisfy sweet cravings

Posted 1/13/2021 in Food

Whether it's a home-cooked meal, a tasty snack or a delicious dessert, sometimes the best recipes are the easiest.


Five tips to encourage picky eaters

Posted 1/13/2021 in Food

Feeding an entire family can be difficult enough on its own with busy evenings full of hustle and bustle.


Nutritional inspiration for the new year

Posted 1/6/2021 in Food

A new year brings new opportunities for personal changes and improvement, from taking steps forward in a career to bettering personal relationships and -- perhaps most common -- starting on a path toward better health.


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