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Possumhaw: Why I'm giving up plastic straws

Posted 6/18/2018 in Local Columns

My good friend, we'll call him Richard, caught up with me at church. "Girl," he said, "did you see this issue of National Geographic? It's about all that plastic ending up in the ocean."


Possumhaw: Catch of the day, no ketchup

Posted 6/4/2018 in Local Columns

After about the fourth time a frozen baggie of crappie fillets fell out of the freezer and onto the floor, I figured we needed to find some different recipes to use up some crappie fillets.


Possumhaw: Make your bed

Posted 5/29/2018 in Local Columns

"Make Your Bed," by Admiral William H. McRaven (U.S. Navy, retired), lay on the coffee table.


Possumhaw: And then there was rain

Posted 5/21/2018 in Local Columns

Early spring brought lots of rain. Prairie lakes were full; spillways flowed like streams. Daily Sam checked water levels of local creeks and lakes. He checked Grenada Lake where crappie grow large and plentiful. High water levels are not conducive to spawning crappie.


Possumhaw: Things to notice

Posted 5/14/2018 in Local Columns

There's some things I notice and some things I don't. Sam suggested I notice things like if there's water standing somewhere where it shouldn't so I can let him know. We need to find out where the water is coming from, especially when we are in the season of drought.


Possumhaw: What about these squirrels?

Posted 5/7/2018 in Local Columns

The birds we love empty the feeders about every half hour, with a little help from the squirrels. Once we had no squirrels, but lately there's been a buildup.


Possumhaw: Healing power of planting

Posted 4/30/2018 in Local Columns

In the last few days I've been speechless, and I can only blame it on the profusion of beautiful flowers in and around the yard.


Possumhaw: The only good snake

Posted 4/23/2018 in Local Columns

"Brumation" describes the hibernation of reptiles and amphibians; it's not exactly deep sleep.


Possumhaw: New every morning

Posted 4/14/2018 in Dispatch Editorials

Spring comes every year, and yet it's new every morning. Sam left before dawn, headed to the fishing hole. With fishing it's important to be first to the hole. I roused slightly, saying our goodbyes, then dozed off again until I heard the birds singing.


Possumhaw: A bird, a bee, a butterfly

Posted 4/7/2018 in Local Columns

My neighbor Joe stopped and asked if I had my hummingbird feeders out.


Possumhaw: Catkins, midges and galls

Posted 4/2/2018 in Local Columns

There are few things cuter than a bunny rabbit munching on a newly-sprouted dandelion. Between the days of rain and warm sunshine the yard has exploded with yellow dandelions, green clover and tiny white flowers, for which I have no name.


Possumhaw: It's worth celebrating

Posted 3/24/2018 in Local Columns

We were sitting at the breakfast table lingering over bowls of oatmeal when Sam read out loud, "DeWitt Jones is a National Geographic photographer who has used his profession to celebrate what's right about the world."


Possumhaw: Here today, gone tomorrow

Posted 3/19/2018 in Local Columns

I rather vowed I would not discuss closet organizing or capsule wardrobes or anything like that for my Lenten commitment. After only four days I realized it was a terrible commitment because we are right in the middle of a season change where one day it's a chilling 30 degrees and the next day it's a warm 70 degrees.


Possumhaw: A trace of history

Posted 3/12/2018 in Local Columns

Little over a week ago we joined the Bulldog Nation headed to Nashville, Tennessee, for the SEC Tournament.


Possumhaw: Immigration or importation

Posted 3/5/2018 in Local Columns

This is not your pretty little innocuous storybook ladybug -- not at all.


Possumhaw: Some things never change

Posted 2/24/2018 in Local Columns

"Men and fish are a lot alike. Both get into trouble when they open their mouth." Author unknown


Possumhaw: A daffodil a day

Posted 2/17/2018 in Local Columns

Down came four inches of rain and up sprang dozens upon dozens of green daffodil foliage. Daffodils being as much a harbinger of spring as the red-breasted robin scavenging across the muddy ground hoping for a hearty breakfast of earthworm.


Possumhaw: Down home on the farm

Posted 2/12/2018 in Local Columns

Last week talking to R.C., he described what he'd like to do in retirement. "Have a little farm," he said. "Maybe some chickens, some goats; a dog, some cats. I'm not a real cat person, but they seem to like me.


Possumhaw: Tapping into good health

Posted 2/5/2018 in Local Columns

With all the flu going around Sam and I have taken some small measures to increase our chances of not getting sick. Vitamin C supplements are dropped into a glass of water like the "Fizzies" of the 1950s.


Possumhaw: How to be safe and warm

Posted 1/29/2018 in Local Columns

It was a cold evening last week when I headed upstairs. The kittens were bedded and all the outside animals, plants, and structures were adequately heated. That's when I smelled something like wires burning.



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