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Possumhaw: It's an Uncle Bunky world

Posted yesterday in Local Columns

Kat was a young woman when we met. Fresh out of college and living in a small rental house just out from Starkville. I had furniture needing a new home and gave it to Kat to incorporate into her home. We became friends, and then not long after, Kat moved away.


Possumhaw: It's a wild world out there

Posted 7/8/2019 in Local Columns

The Prairie has been unusually wild in the past week. A full-grown doe feeds in the middle of the sedge field in broad daylight. Her red hide shines in the sunlight. She ambles and nibbles, raising her head now and then as she stares with doe eyes.


Possumhaw: Where does the day go?

Posted 6/29/2019 in National Columns

Every morning I plan my day and make lists. As quickly as the thoughts came, I remembered women I had seen in a Honduras village. I'll call this one Abagail.


Possumhaw: In every day there's magic

Posted 6/24/2019 in Local Columns

It's a beautiful time to be in the Prairie. There have been days of cool breezes, warm sunshine and spotty rain showers.


Possumhaw: Music of the morning

Posted 6/17/2019 in Local Columns

Sam walked in the door asking, "What happened on the porch? It looks like a gale force wind swept through."


Possumhaw: Travel slow, travel light

Posted 6/8/2019 in Local Columns

Sitting on the front porch drinking my morning coffee, I noticed a tremendous number of pollinators.


Possumhaw: A carefully watched garden

Posted 6/2/2019 in Local Columns

The rains have subsided so the plants require watering every morning, and most evenings, having barely survived the heat of the day. And every morning on my rounds, I examine which plants have been plucked by the innocent-looking deer that bedded down in the field the night before.


Possumhaw; Made in the U.S.A., revisited

Posted 5/25/2019 in Local Columns

The jean jacket label said Bangladesh. Prairie skirts made in the U.S.A. Old Navy jacket made in China, as was the Longleaf camo jacket, as was the Ralph Lauren skirt. Really? Ralph Lauren made in China? Ann Taylor, Hong Kong; MSU baseball hat, Taiwan R.O.C. Shoes were a mix of Brazil, Mexico and China.


Possumhaw: The wonder-filled world

Posted 5/20/2019 in Local Columns

Another month of spring lay before us. Many years it feels like there is no spring at all; the days change quickly from winter to summer.


Possumhaw: The extended guest

Posted 5/13/2019 in Local Columns

Our guest once lived in Starkville, having gone to college there. Later he continued his stay while working for the Extension Service. He moved away from the South for another job, came back again, then moved away again. And so it was, he came back for an extended visit but a short stay.


Possumhaw: A few of my favorite things

Posted 5/6/2019 in Local Columns

In the cool of the morning, a light breeze caused the leaves in the trees to flutter ever so slightly. The soft morning light filtered through the branches. Flowers were in bloom, pinks, yellows and blues. The grass had been cut, as had the fields, so I could see all the way to the lake.


Possumhaw: All creatures bright and big

Posted 4/29/2019 in Local Columns

There in the woods, eyes were shining back at me from the light of the flashlight when I was looking for Harry and Wilhelmina, the cats.


Possumhaw: Poetry, blossoms and baseball

Posted 4/20/2019 in Local Columns

Only 80 some-odd days until the official start of summer and for us Southerners, summer will come even sooner. Outside my sunroom windows trees are every color of green, the yellow swamp irises surround the lake waving like flags in the wind, tiny leaves peek out from the crepe myrtles, while daisies abound, and the purple irises look 3 feet tall. Snap dragons from last year are overflowing in window boxes as are a few petunias.


Possumhaw: Ducks take a stroll

Posted 4/15/2019 in Local Columns

The oddest thing happens every year about this time. Besides the torrential rains, the Pekin ducks come waddling up to the house.


Possumhaw: Easter bonnet with all the frills

Posted 4/6/2019 in Local Columns

There's an old black and white photograph when I'm about 2 or 3 years old, glued in a faded album. Mother must have taken the photograph because my father is squatting beside me as I hold my Easter basket.


Possumhaw: Let it go, let it go

Posted 4/1/2019 in Local Columns

It's midway through the Lenten season and not too late to join in. Some people chose to stop an activity while some chose to start one. Lent is the 40 days before Easter, not counting Sundays. It's a time of giving something up or taking something on as a means of reflection and repentance.


Possumhaw: All along the river

Posted 3/25/2019 in Local Columns

The day started cool, with a gusty wind, and gradually warmed as the sun shone overhead. Sam suggested a drive, which meant heading to the Tombigbee River spillway on the west bank. I was eager to see the area since the last time the river raged and the grassy hill beside the spillway was covered deep in floodwater.


Possumhaw: Ever have that gut feeling?

Posted 3/18/2019 in Local Columns

You know that little pooch you get in your stomach as you age, well I just learned it's not your stomach at all.


Possumhaw: Strong libraries = strong communities

Posted 3/11/2019 in Local Columns

What if I told you that you could fill a whole big bag full of books of all shapes, sizes and subjects and you'd only have to pay $5. If you're a reader then it would be terrific, but even if you weren't a reader but you knew a reader, it would still be fabulous.


Possumhaw: The rains came down and the floods came up

Posted 3/4/2019 in Local Columns

Last week rainstorms rolled through the area flooding rivers, lakes and creeks. Naturally, like a snow day, we decided to take a look-see.



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