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Charlie Mitchell: Much more than a cake at stake in court ruling

Posted 6/18/2018 in Local Columns

Some protesting the U.S. Supreme Court's ruling in Masterpiece Cakeshop vs. Colorado Civil Rights Commission contend the 7-2 decision proved the justices hate gays.


Mississippi Voices: Digital world fast becoming our only world

Posted 6/11/2018 in Local Columns

The longer it's around, the more it appears social media has the wrong name. It's really antisocial media. Be assured this is not a rant about mom, dad, Junior and Sis sitting at a table each engaged on his or her mobile device. It's not even a lament of all the visceral comments people make, anonymously or otherwise, on Facebook or Twitter. All of that is real, of course, but it's old news.


Charlie Mitchell: 'Inappropriate' stretches from ill-advised to criminal

Posted 6/5/2018 in Local Columns

Will Morgan Freeman be the person who brings perspective to the conversation? If so, that would be a good thing.


Charlie Mitchell: Thompson, Espy have different approaches to public office

Posted 5/29/2018 in Local Columns

Bennie Thompson and Mike Espy are African-American men. That's what they have in common. Other than both being members of the Democratic Party, that's about all they have in common.


Charlie Mitchell: Economy still voters' major issue on election day

Posted 5/22/2018 in Local Columns

On the day Donald Trump was elected, a 20-gallon tank of gas cost a Mississippi driver $36. Today, The American Automobile Associations says that same 20 gallons costs $52.


Mississippi Voices: Walton heirs provide a script for small-town success

Posted 5/14/2018 in National Columns

Yes, we're talking about the heirs of Sam Walton, founder of Walmart -- the mega-company that assorted interest groups and media types love to hate.


Charlie Mitchell: Picture improving for state's retirement fund

Posted 5/7/2018 in Local Columns

Remember the serious discussion of state pension funds during this year's legislative session?


Mississippi voices: Counting our heads is easier said than done

Posted 4/30/2018 in Local Columns

Americans, it's time to stand up and be counted ... or not. The year 2020 looms and the U.S. Bureau of the Census is gearing up to do as the Constitution commands.


Charlie Mitchell: Slot machines, taxes have much in common

Posted 4/23/2018 in Local Columns

Income tax season is over for another year, meaning most people are no longer thinking about how much Mississippi and Uncle Sam claim from their wages -- which, of course, is just how Mississippi and Uncle Sam like it.


Charlie Mitchell: Sad to hear Wicker singing praises of Trump

Posted 4/16/2018 in Local Columns

With apologies to Lloyd Bentsen, Mississippians have watched the career of Roger Wicker for a while. Roger Wicker is no Donald Trump.


Mississippi Voices: Sad to hear Wicker singing praises of Trump

Posted 4/16/2018 in Local Columns

With apologies to Lloyd Bentsen, Mississippians have watched the career of Roger Wicker for a while. Roger Wicker is no Donald Trump.


Charlie Mitchell: MPB radio and TV told to prepare to go it alone

Posted 4/3/2018 in Local Columns

Let's hope not. Tucked into Section 12 of House Bill 1593 was a directive to Mississippi Public Broadcasting: "...Initiate a planning process to transition from receiving any state general funds beginning in Fiscal Year 2022."


Charlie Mitchell: 2018 lawmaking season coasts toward a ho-hum close

Posted 3/26/2018 in Local Columns

No spark. Another session fizzles toward adjournment. No great ideas. No bold initiatives. No coordinated strategies to make Mississippi better.


Mississippi Voices: The magnificent John Grisham couldn't beat this

Posted 3/19/2018 in National Columns

Roger Wicker is a pinko. Yes, he claims to be conservative, but every other Tuesday at 5 a.m. he goes to Nancy Pelosi's house to give her a pedicure. Mississippi's junior U.S. senator stands in the way of our great leader, Donald Trump. And the flag. Don't forget, Wicker hates Mississippi's flag.


Charlie Mitchell: Wrist slap for Tate Reeves his biggest setback

Posted 3/13/2018 in Local Columns

On March 1, the state Senate said no to the leadership's plan to change how state money is distributed to public K-12 schools. Next came the weekend. On March 5, Thad Cochran, Mississippi's senior and super delegate to the U.S. Senate announced his resignation.


Charlie Mitchell: Cochran's well-timed exit triggers high drama

Posted 3/6/2018 in Local Columns

The April departure from the U.S. Senate of the man who broke the Democratic Party's lock on federal offices from Mississippi opens the door to a doozy of a summer and fall.


Charlie Mitchell: How about tiered permitting keyed to firepower?

Posted 2/26/2018 in Local Columns

OK. Deep breath. In Mississippi, the state has a wringer. It puts citizens who ask to pack firearms where otherwise not allowed through that wringer. The wringer is so good that not one incident of weapons misuse by a state-certified enhanced carry permit holder has ever been reported.


Charlie Mitchell: Lawmakers praise 'local control' very selectively

Posted 2/19/2018 in National Columns

A prime talking point for legislative advocates of charter schools this year is "local control."


Charlie Mitchell: Youthful 'Snowflakes' are made, not born

Posted 2/12/2018 in Local Columns

Don't blame the college kids. The snowflakes among them weren't born to feel privileged, entitled or in need of shelter from diverse ideas and opinions.


Charlie Mitchell: Back-scratching with ad dollars

Posted 2/5/2018 in National Columns

A timid attempt was made last year to keep elected officials from spending your money to tell you what a great job they're doing. It didn't get far. A small band of lawmakers is trying again. The situation looks better.



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